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Shammer Jake is a 1995 15 hand gelding and Courtney's dressage pony.  They have been together for 5 seasons now and have many accomplishments.   Jake is a grand pony with lots of talent and a marvelous attitude.  Courtney and Jake have done clinics with Walter Zettle, Natalie Lamping, Carol Grant, Sharon Poulin, and were chosen to be a second level demonstration rider with Nicole Uphoff at the Equine Affaire in Colombus Ohio.  They are lucky enough to be coached by Grand Prix rider Nancy Lewis-Stanton at her lovely SendonWay Farm in Chardon Ohio.  Nancy has helped Courtney and Jake go from training level up to PSG.  They will compete at I-1 in 2007

 High Point First Level Lamplight Equestrian Center
 High Point First Level Grand Haven Farm
 USDF Region Championships Raleigh N.C.
   Training level Jr/Yr 3rd place
   First level Jr/Yr 3rd place
USDF All Breed Awards
   First Place Training level Jr/Yr
   First Place Training level open
   First Place First level Jr/Yr
   First Place First level open
High Point Second Level Lamplight Equestrian Center
High Point Second Level Grand Haven Farm
High Point Second Level Mid-Ohio Dressage
USDF Region Championships Carmel Indiana
   Second Level Jr/Yr 8th place
   Third Level Jr/Yr Reserve Champion
   Second Level Musical Freestyle Champion Open
USDF All Breed Awards
   Second Place, Second level Jr/Yr
   Second Place, Second level Open
   First Place, Third level Jr/Yr
   Second Place, Third level Open
   First Place, Second level Musical Freestyle

Qualified for FEI Junior Team Championship with a 63.4%
USDF Regional Championships
   Fifth at 3rd level jr/yr
   Fifth at 3rd level musical freestyle
USDF All Breed Awards
   First at 3rd level junior
   First at 3rd level open
High Point Junior Young Rider Festival at Paxton Farms
   Fourth level, 61.9%


Jake and Courtney attend USDF Region1 Championships in Allentown New Jersey, September 2004.  They rode their hearts out, and were the Champions at the Jr/Yr division for 4th level. 


Champion Junior Young Rider Festival Paxton Farm along with team members Kate Sunder and Lauren Walfish. FEI Young Rider Team Test. Congratulations to the Sendonway Stars!

USDF Region 2 Championships:

Champion FEI Young Rider Team Test with a 61.8%
2nd place FEI PSG Open
6th place FEI PSG young rider championship

High Point FEI Musical Freestyle Grand Haven Spring Dressage
Qualified for NAYRC with a 60.5%, 11th place region 2
Jr/Yr Region 2 Team Championships, Paxton Farm, 
       Division and overall champion team along with fellow riders, Kate Sunder, Lauren Sprieser, Kate Fargo and Courtney Yeager. 
USDF Region 2 Championships
Reserve Champion 4th level musical freestyle
Reserve Champion FEI Young Rider Team Test
8th place Young Rider PSG
5th place Open PSG
All Breed Awards 2005
First Place FEI junior/young rider
Second Place FEI open
First place FEI musical freestyle


Link to SendonWay Farm

   Reserve Champion team at Lake Erie College Prix De Ville, 4th level
   High Point 4th level jr/yr, Willows Spring Premier, May 2004

USDF Region 1 Champion jr/yr at 4th level, Allentown New Jersey. 
ACPS Connemara of the Year for 2004

Northern Ohio Dressage Championship Series, Champion jr/yr 4th level
NODA year end awards,  4th place AA/JrYr at 4th level

USDF All Breed Awards 2004
     First place 4th level open
     First place 4th level jr/yr
     First place 4th level musical freestyle